Hello 👋🏞

I'm Agnes, a product designer based in the Bay Area.

My experiences in biology, marketing, product management, and now in product design are all connected by a common theme - a deep curiosity about the world and how people interact with it.

I love solving all kinds of puzzles, anything from 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles to strenuous boulder problems at the climbing gym, to complex design problems when creating solutions for humans navigating digital products.

In my free time, I am
ðŸŠī Searching for new houseplants
🖊 Doodling in my bullet journal
🏕 Planning my next camping trip
ðŸģ Experimenting with new recipes
🎧 Listening to lo-fi chill beats
📚 Learning Japanese
Words to live by
🏃ðŸŧ Seek progress not perfection
ðŸĪ“ Always be learning
ðŸŒą Grow through what you go through