About Me

I’m Agnes, a product designer excited about building products that improve people’s lives and have a lasting impact.

My experiences as a designer, product manager, marketer, and biologist are all connected by a common theme - a deep curiosity about the world and how people interact with it. Skills that have been invaluable across all of my experiences include asking questions and digging deeper into problems, collecting data and interpreting results to make informed decisions, and developing methodical processes to streamline my work.

Outside of the office, you can find me at various events and meetups in the city or listening to podcasts to learn more about different aspects of design, as well as other topics such as social impact and diversity & inclusion.

In my free time, I'm usually...

  • Doodling in my bullet journal
  • Working through a boulder problem at Dogpatch Boulders
  • Exploring new neighborhoods in the city
  • Volunteering at design events
  • Planning my next backpacking trip

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