Launching Gift Cards

About Brandless

Brandless is an e-commerce company with a mission to make better for you products more accessible by everyone. As a direct-to-consumer company that works with manufacturing partners, Brandless eliminates the brand markups and overhead costs to bring you curated, high quality products across food, household, beauty, baby, and pet categories at a much lower price.


Create and launch gift cards on the site to enable our community to give the gift of Brandless before the holiday season

My Role

Sole designer, partnering with PM and two engineers. I was involved in every step of the process, from research to end-to-end testing


6 weeks from research to launch


Launching gift cards on the site had been on the product roadmap for some time, and given the clear business value and increasing customer demand, we wanted to get the gift card program launched before the holiday season. However, it would take much more time to create a full physical gift card program - vendor evaluations alone would take weeks. With only 6 weeks before the Thanksgiving deadline, we decided to launch with a digital only gift card experience and monitor performance to determine whether or not we should build a physical gift card experience.

We had many challenges throughout the project, from limited engineering resources to uncovering new constraints along the way, but were able to deliver the MVP of the digital gift card experience before Thanksgiving, and ultimately hit our goal of 1000 gift cards sold by end of Q4!

Process Overview


validate demand

To evaluate demand for Brandless gift cards, we looked at several sources of signals:

Looking at the data from the previous year, both Monthly Gift Orders and Zendesk feature requests had a decent amount of volume per month, and volumes for both increased towards the end of the year leading up to the holiday months. Monthly on-site search intent for "gift cards" was also a strong indicator of demand. While exact Google search match for "Brandless Gift Cards" was low, there was a ton of long tail related matches for "gift cards for students" or "healthy grocery gift card", showing a strong demand for these types of gift cards.

Strong signal for gift card demand from on-site search intent
Long tail related matches for "healthy grocery gift cards"

Competitive research

To find inspiration for the Brandless gift card experience, I pulled screenshots from many e-commerce sites - below are a few examples:




REcipient Flow MOCK UPS

REcipient Flow Annotations